A reliable and cost-effective way to manage identities for security and authentication purposes.

Biometric technology is increasingly being used to support diverse tasks ranging from the processing of asylum applications and the smooth flow of cross-border traffic, to authentication of criminal identities and controlled access to military facilities, health records and even bank accounts. In addition, more and more consumer market players are using biometrics for effective identification. This includes airlines, gyms and self-service convenience stores aiming to increase their efficiency, as well as pharmacies using it to secure their medicine stocks.

Typically focused on fingerprints, the constant drive for improved accuracy while handling higher transaction volumes is creating a trend towards multi-modal biometric solutions, such as those offered by Sopra Steria. These include face, iris and vein recognition technologies. Similar to traditional multi-token electronic identification processes, a multi-modal biometric solution will lead to improved accuracy. It has the additional advantage of effective identification in different scenarios. For example, in cold outdoor environments where fingerprints are not ideal, iris identification might be used instead. And in a hazardous environment where a mask could conceal the face or iris, a multi-modal solution might allow fingerprints or vein identification. It’s a win-win situation.

Why Sopra Steria?

With a proven track record in biometrics, Sopra Steria is at the forefront of these developments. Our global community of biometrics specialists has delivered solutions in 27 countries, including the UK, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Belgium and France.

We help to integrate new biometric technologies with existing security and identity systems easily and cost effectively. Our solutions deliver cost savings, total quality of service and agreed outcomes in the core areas of:

  • Biometrics consulting: a comprehensive portfolio of product, technology and regulatory advice to support the transformation of your biometrics systems
  • Access control and authorisation: using multiple biometric criteria, including fingerprint and retinal scanning, to check and guarantee the identity of individuals
  • Enrolment and capture: our new-generation biometrics capture and enrollment system processes ten-prints, quick checks, latents, palm prints and mug-shots, as well as iris and signature scans
  • Encoding and matching: offering police, border control and other homeland security teams high-speed searches for greater efficiency
  • Multi-agency communication: drawing on a deep understanding of the complex connections, interfaces and security controls enabling our clients to manage the real-time flow of biometric information nationally and across borders
  • Forensics: our solutions for rapid authentication make a significant impact on the time and cost of criminal investigations
  • Systems integration: our strength as a global systems integrator is a critical factor in helping to bring biometrics strategies to life.

Our solutions incorporate our own highly usable proprietary products and those of our specialist technology partners. As business models mature across Europe’s biometrics landscape, our strength in IT-enabled business services ideally positions us to help our clients move their biometrics capabilities to service-based management.


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