Every year the university of UCLouvain organizes “Open Week” for students in Computer Science.


Open Week, event dedicated to open source development and collaboration, aims to introduce students to this world by involving them in real life projects.

Publishing a work under Open Source license not only offers the world a range of useful computing tools, but also helps to learn the conditions of use and integration of an open source work. The open source week therefore offers participants the possibility to acquire a basic knowledge of this universe.

Finally, participating in an open source project provides developers with tangible evidence of their computer literacy and hands-on experience in the field, often required by employers for engagement.

For Sopra Steria, this sponsorship is an opportunity to support students in STEM and encourage other to follow the same line. Likewise, it is an opportunity to discuss with participating students about their aspirations and to introduce Sopra Steria as a valuable actor in the sector.

Smart cities


 Smart cities

  15 MAR 2019 


 by Charles Devroye

 When searching for smart cities on the internet, chances are pretty high that you’ll hit upon our Belgian capital...